A professional graphic designer must have the skills on graphic design which may differ them from another designer. Graphic designers use typography and pictures to meet with the users, specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying the collection of elements which will have to be attractive  designs, to optimize the user experienced.

Some people have a formal education in graphic design, others are self-taught creatives. There have many uncountable skills a graphic designer have. From these some technical skills are mainly essential for graphic designers, so clients can choose that designer from the group of designer.



Graphic design is the art and craft, where professionals create projects and visual content of academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting and help to transmit specific messages to social groups with specific objectives.


A graphic designer must have some skills on graphics to make his work professional. These includes-




Designer shows different demographics to the clients to prefer different design choices.It will be easy to understand that what clients needs for logo designing.Designer can consider a scheduling meeting with clients to talk about the graphic design for brand.

After conversation with client’s, have to understand about the brand, business or company of the client. After that can make a perfect graphic design for client. Graphic designer must having the knowledge of graphic design principle and strong technical skills will suddenly come when designer need to explain about the design decisions to others.


Branding skill


The critical part is having business skill for graphic designing, because for making a graphic design must have to think like client’s need. The first step of thing the designer needs to know the details is what company is all about.

It will be better in good section to include website, social media links  and any other related company-with internal materials.

Next step is describe the specific task that want the designer to complete. Another important thing to include in the description of the project for the graphic design are the deliverables. These are the different items that need the designer to deliver at the different stages of the project.



Creativity is also important for graphic design skills.Think about the client’s brand with fresh mind,it can give many new ideas and unique design for graphic.


Time management for design


Graphic  designers can manage their time when they want to like. But without managing time may impact badly to get more graphic design from clients.If having a time management thet can take more projects,the project will complete on time and can deliver on time.There have many different project management software that help to manage time,such as- Asana, Trello etc.


On other side the designers who work as part time need to have excellent time management skills to complete the tasks on time.It is ensure that the different design projects tasked are completed on time.


Repetition of the design

It is important that good brand requires repetition for branding identity.Some designer repeated their previous design project by modifying and gives to other’s branding purposes.On the other hand some clients also want as like as previous graphic design from the designer for their brand.


Typography for graphic design-


Typography is the technique of arranging letters and the art of type to make the written language clear, legible, visual appealing for readable and displayed. Typography involves the arrangement of type with point size, font style,line length/width, line spacing, appearance, structure, letter spacing and the adjustment between two or more letters. This have the aims to convey specific messages.


Here are the different types of fonts:


  • Slab

Fonts with thick sans serif letters in a very heavy style are known as slab fonts. This style of typography works really well for a design.This font matches with  the brand identity and the feeling it evoke.


  • Serif

Serif fonts are elegant and generally easy to read. These are the fonts with letters that have little extensions at the end of the graphic design. Depending on the size of their serifs (the little extensions), they can be different gender like feminine, masculine, or gender-neutral.


  • Sans Serif

This is opposite of the serif font, the letters in these fonts don’t have extensions at the end. Sans serif fonts are easy to read,eye catching and generally carry a fun and easy-going appeal.


  • Novelty

Novelty fonts, also known as display fonts, carry a heavy cultural or creative impact.It is the most difficult fonts to use for a design.


  • Script

Script fonts are the typography of choice for signature fonts. It also be the combination with a sans serif or serif for a combined logo style.Calligraphy and handwritten fonts are made up of connected letters, like the script we use to write.


A professional and experienced designer will know that the most important design elements take the main focus on the project. Hierarchy is very important for professional design, when the designer need to designing infographics.



Designer have to know about coding for graphic design. Designer must be expert in it. But if designer don’t know about coding no problem, then have a basic understanding of HTML,JAVA,C++ and CSS are important because for understand the work that creating a website.


Word processing software

Some designer have the knowledge about typography, Microsoft word and Adobe acrobat. These skills are very important for printing design. But a graphic designer must have some additional skills on word processing software, related with print industry such as QuarkXpress.Text is one of the main element of  key designs and some designers need to know how to present it.Print production industry such as Quark Xpress print production software is used for editing and creating mixture page layouts such as for magazines,books and newspapers.


Most of the designer have skills on Word press. Word press mostly used in global brand and popular brand such as Playstation, BBC America, disney etc.  Visual communication is critical to understand, but knowing how to add designs to the company platform can be a very helpful for the team. Word press is the most popular free content management system(CMS).


Adobe’s Creative Apps

Experienced graphic designer have idea about Adobe’s creative software—specifically InDesign,  Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop— for many graphic design jobs. These are the fundamental software which may client’s requirement from a graphic designer.



Adobe Photoshop


Photoshop is the main part of graphic design.In graphic design most of the work done by photoshop. Photoshop should be used for photo-based graphics and photo editing.This Photoshop editors work on a huge range of design projects, from digital painting to photo manipulation.While there are some upgreated options,where a professional designer needs a professional program.


Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a typesetting programme and desktop publishing. InDesign is more critical than QuarkXPress. Print production industry such as Quark Xpress print production software is used for editing and creating mixture page layouts such as for magazines, books and newspapers. For starting as a print designer, it is compatible with more operating systems which is hard to apply. In graphic design software from the Adobe Creative Suite definitely a master is InDesign.


Knowledge of basic graphic design


Before starting work on graphic design must have a basic idea on it. Knowing some works  help to improve visual communication skills, allowing many designs to fulfill their intended purpose. A basic understanding of major key graphic design is  must for anyone with a graphic design job.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a major brand which is used in the industry of design. Illustrator is perfect for the graphic design and logo design. Combine illustrator and photoshop for graphic design are the best choice for photoshop.

The illustrator which is also known as  vector graphics editor program is used for a print production graphics and variety of design.

Alignment and Balance in design

Many design elements of alignments are used to make a stability and balance in the overall design.Balance are two type symmetrical or asymmetrical which are used to concerns the even distribution of design elements, while the letter uses for contrast, Colour to achieve a stable design,scale or creating a good flow.


If a graphic designer want to make more money must have the skills on Sketch.Some common sketch are  user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

Sketch is one of the most known programs used for logo design, graphic design and web design.

UI and UX design are very unique types of graphic design that is why everyone have not this skill available.If sketch used in web design can usually pay more than other types of graphic design or logo design.


 Colour theory

Colour theory is the basic elements of graphic design. Many Colour used for many designs. Before using any Colour must be thinking about the brand where the graphic design is used for. Graphic designers use Colour theory to create combinations of Colours such as complementary Colours or contrast.

Many Colours used in the design of graphic design which are extremely important. The Colour which is used in graphic must match the brand identity and it needs to be the right shade of that Colour. The psychology of Colour in graphic design-

  • Red is highly bright that is why it is impactful and noticeable. The Colour red makes an impression, evokes feelings of excitement, passion and power. It will also mean evoke danger and caution.


  • Blue, dark and vibrant are classic Colours for corporate logos.This Colour is mostly used in hospital or health purposes. Blue is a dependable Colour that is well perceived all around.
  • Orange logos are generally cheerful and vibrant. If using orange, keep it vibrant and happy.The shade of orange used is really important and orange shades that evoke positive feelings.


  • Yellow logos are not used for logo Colour,it is not common, so it will call attention to logo straight away.Yellow isn’t suitable for all types of businesses.Stay away from yellows if possible that look sickly or too green.
  • Brown logos works well with organic or natural products with suitable packaging design.Brown is one of the least used Colours for logos,it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it. Use a shade of brown that looks more like chocolate or coffee and but don’t use green-toned browns.


  • Green is used by most organic, natural or ecologically minded brands. But do not mixed the red and green combination because it is indicate Christmas or thought the business is related to Christmas. This consumers expect it if have an environmental aspect of business.


  • Pink is mostly like by girls. It is mostly used in women’s logos or brand. Pink is one of the most gendered Colours for logos. Choose pink if the brand is to fit in that space. But if to stand out and appeal to anyone that identifies as a woman, choose another Colour.


  • Purple is commonly known as a royal or spiritual Colour. Using purple in an industry that doesn’t fit and it is risky but if well done can be successful and memorable. It’s mostly used in the health and wellness field and also in the feminine industry or branding purposes.


The theory is base on the concerns the different types of Colours (primary, secondary, tertiary and more) and the mixture of the Colours tone, hues, RGB etc. These include-


There are two different Colour use for graphic printing. These are -CMYK and RGB.CMYK full form names refer to the Colours they use: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and other one RGB full form is Red, Green and Blue.


Specific Colours are created with various combinations and one of them are mixture of red, green and blue light. RGB is used for displaying red, green and blue lights closely beside each other to create an image. It works a little amount of differently. It is mostly used for overlapping base Colours to create new one Colour.



Unique mixture are created by blending cyan, magenta and yellow in different ratios. CMYK Colour was made for the developed to use physical inks, and if  print a test page from a Colour printer or for example look closely at an old comic book, there are individual dots in these three Colours and the new Colours they create when they overlap.


Social media

If a graphic designer want to design for social media it will be easy to known the designer and can popular through social media.A graphic designer always keep trying with the current trends of social media can easily understand and have idea about creative briefs when make design for a platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many other social app. Have to know about the technical side of things like image, sizes or format requirements and many others.


There have many skills content which may help to gather knowledge about graphic design and give important suggestions where to develop and how to expand the skills.